An Experience to Remember

As dusk falls at the Night Safari, the world's first nocturnal wildlife park comes to life.

We invite you to experience our unique and exclusive Evening In The Wild.

Enjoy exclusive views of the lush Seletar Reservoir, while enjoying dinner in Singapore's first tipi tent amid the tranquillity of the rainforest.

Come up close to the park's 1,000 residents and discover the mysteries of the night - only at Night Safari.

Moments to Cherish

The Prelude

Leave the cares of the world behind at our Ankole Terrace, as the majestic Ankole cattle graze within your reach.

The Journey

Embark on an exclusive guided tram ride through the safari, home to some of the world's most fascinating animals.

The Parade

Enter a secret lakeside campsite glittering with thousands of fairy lights and come face-to-face with our most exotic animal ambassadors as they welcome you into the wild.

The Feast

At Singapore's first tipi tent, be pampered by our hosts and indulge in a 3-course gourmet dinner complete with dessert and free-flow wine.

The Finale

Continue the rest of your journey through the mysterious Night Safari, where our most iconic animals await your discovery. End your evening on a high, with specially reserved seats at our animal extravaganza, the Creatures of the Night Show.

An Evening to Enchant

The Night Safari's exclusive tipi tent and its majestic views of the serene Seletar Reservoir are the perfect backdrop for your special moments.

From the casual to the elegant, we provide a truly unique and meaningful setting for a memorable evening with your better half, family and friends.

Themed settings are available. Advance booking required; Minimum group size of 25 pax.