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Suggested Itinerary

Itinerary Map

Itinerary for Guests on Wheelchairs (6.30pm - 10.30pm) *
* Admission from 7:15pm onwards


6.30pm - 7.30pm
Arrival at Night Safari
Contact our guest relations officers to enquire about an available tram with wheelchair facilities.

Enjoy the fire-breathing Thumbuakar Performance at the entrance plaza.


7.30pm - 7.50pm
Head to the main tram station to embark on your tram journey of discovering the wildlife of the 6 geographical regions, beginning with the Himalayan Foothills, Indian Subcontinent and Equatorial Africa.


7.50pm - 8.10pm
Alight at the East Lodge. Check with the tram ushers for timing of the next available tram with wheelchair facilities arriving at East Lodge then head over to the Leopard Trail for an encounter with the beautiful leopard and other animals.

Wheelchair ramps are available throughout the Leopard Trail.


8.10pm - 8.35pm
Head back to the East Lodge: Continue the rest of the tram journey with Asian Riverine Forest, Nepalese River Valley and Burmese Hillside.


8.35pm - 9.00pm
Proceed over to the Fishing Cat Trail to witness the deft hunting skills of the fishing cat as it tries to outwit the fishes and reel in its dinner in front of your eyes.


9.30pm - 10.00pm
Creatures Of The Night show
Arrive at the amphitheatre at least 30 minutes earlier to secure a spot for the Creatures Of The Night show. Then sit back and watch our star performers like the binturong and giant boa in action.


10.00pm - 10.30pm
Head out of the park and swing by Night Safari’s gift shop to bring home unique souvenirs from our wide range of exclusive collectibles and park merchandise.

Departure from Night Safari.