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Park Visit Tips

To make your trip to Night Safari safe, comfortable and memorable, here are some pre-arrival tips and advice.

Prepare for Rain

The tram will go on. Hop on our guided tram tour rain or shine and see our animals enjoying the cool rain. A poncho or umbrella will help you explore our different walking trails as well. Purchase one from our gift shop or bring your own and be on your merry way. Otherwise, you can seek shelter at our food and beverage stalls and gift shops near the entrance! Should lightning occur, please head indoors immediately for your own safety. 

Wear insect repellent

We take preventive measures against mosquitoes and other insects. However, to make sure you don't get any unexpected bites, have some insect repellent handy. And since mosquitoes are most active at night and attracted to dark colours, wear something that will give you maximum cover and is light in weight and colour.

Arrive early and plan your trip

Aside from the tram ride, the walking trails of Night Safari are also full of exciting animals and sights to discover, so coming early will ensure you can explore most or all of them. Keep one of our maps with you at all times so you can plan which exhibit to go to next and take note of the Creatures of the Night Show timings.

Wear comfortable footwear

Exploring the walking trails is a lot more comfortable with covered footwear such as sneakers or trekking shoes.

Mobility for the elderly and disabled

Wheelchairs are available free-of-charge on a first-come, first-served basis for the disabled, the elderly or special needs guests.

Stay hydrated

Bring enough drinking water. You can also purchase a wide selection of canned, bottled drinks, water and juices at our F&B outlets.


Most of our F&B outlets are located outside the main entrance. Have your dinner before you enter the park. To get a quick bite or a drink within the park, head over to Zebra Cafe at the East Lodge

Don't share your food with the animals

Our animals are on well-balanced diets ensuring their best health and optimum weight - you are not being kind to them by feeding them.

Stay informed

If you are ever in doubt or need help, please do not hesitate to approach any of our uniformed staff members around the park.